Top 3’s

Top 3

Night-time Walking Techniques for Africa (according to Phil McAllister)

1) The reverse moonwalk: Slide your feet forward with one hand out in front of you at eye level. Good for dark streets with deep potholes and drooping branches.

2) The knees up: Lift your feet very high as if you were stepping over an obstacle with each step. Good for city and forested areas. Note: Do not bound around. Spread your weight as if sneaking up a creaky staircase to avoid disappearing down holes.

3) The legless sausage: Drink Tusker and tequila until you fall asleep. Friends will then carry you to a taxi and/or home.


Top 3

Matatu slogans (written above the rear bumper of homicidal mini-bus taxis):

1) Miss Calculation
2) Ride it Like a Bullet
3) Survival is Temporary


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