Equipment list

On the bike:

The bike components were ordered and fitted by Neil, who runs the excellent Bikezone in central Oxford (I first started hanging round there because they stock Surly Long Haul Truckers. My original bike of choice for the trip).

I’ll admit that compared to Neil I hardly know what a bike wheel looks like, so I’ll not bother with a list of components. One thing I do know is that the coming months will be spent largely wearing in a Brookes B17 saddle.


One of the best buys so far has been my Clulite headtorch, these guys make search lights for the UK police force and you can immediately tell the high level of quality.

And if you don’t mind looking like a spy from a steam-punk future, I recommend the take-a-look mirror

Apart from some handy tools, a digital camera and a compass, I’m fairly gadget-light.


I have a one-man tent, a Thermarest Z-lite and a compact sleeping bag


Most of my clothes are made from (did you guess?) bamboo. Bam Clothing generously donated several baselayers and a couple of shirts, with the proviso that I take a picture of myself wearing a shirt whilst doing a handstand in an epic location. Fair deal. How do you say ‘hold my legs’ in Swahili?

Bamboo is a great material for sport and, in my mind, is up there with merino wool. Merino wool is excellent at not smelling like b.o., fast drying and comfy. I would say bamboo is not quite up there in these respects but my Bam Clothing T shirt doesn’t show sweat patches. Magic. Also it’s comfier than Merino. It’s also way less expensive.


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