Camara is a not for profit organization that uses technology to enhance the quality of education in socially-deprived schools in Africa, the Caribbean and Ireland. We believe that education is the key for people to break the cycle of the severe poverty they find themselves in, and that Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) can be harnessed to effectively enhance the delivery of education to under-resourced communities.

We establish low cost e-Learning Centres within schools and community centres, delivering training on how to maintain and administer the Centres, and teach the teachers how to use the technology as effective pedagogical tools. The objective is to increase computer literacy among the students of the schools that Camara work with, and thus improve educational outcomes, increase employment potential and enhance their abilities to seek further education.

Please visit us at to learn more.


The Camara Learning Shop is now up and running here
‘This Christmas, send a computer to a school in Africa for only €15, £12 or $20 in the name of family and friends with Camara’s Christmas Learning Shop and have fun tracking its journey there! Log onto and give the gift of education this Christmas.’

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