Solar Aid

Hitting the trail on December 1st 2011, Jack Morris’ bamboo bike ride is expected to take 8 months and cover over 5000 miles.By cycling on a bamboo bike along East Africa’s coastline, from Kenya to Swaziland, and then through Europe, from Istanbul to his hometown Witney, Jack hopes to raise money for Solar Aid.
Solar Aid
Solar Aid is a multi-award winning charity that developed the microfranchise brand ‘SunnyMoney’:
We believe that the best way to fight poverty is to create jobs and businesses for people. SunnyMoney provides a sustainable way out of poverty for entrepreneurs, and a means to end reliance on harmful kerosene in their community.What is SunnyMoney?
SunnyMoney is our microfranchise brand which uses a pioneering technique called microsolar to bring light to the poor whilst creating jobs and offering an alternative to costly and polluting kerosene lighting. Local entrepreneurs receive marketing and commerce training to enable effective distribution of portable solar-powered lighting systems and to ensure the lasting success of their new business. With SunnyMoney, everyone is a winner: the franchisees, their families, their communities and the environment.Sustainable income
SunnyMoney is sustainable. Micro-finance loans mean entrepreneurs can buy microsolar lighting products and sell them to their local community. The loans are small and manageable but allow entrepreneurs to offer a responsible business. Effective distribution and high quality products also allow entrepreneurs to supply a warranty for devices.
The [Kenyan] project provides a sustainable way out of poverty for entrepreneurial Kenyans, and replaces harmful kerosene with solar powered LED bulbs.’
In Tanzania Jack will meet a Solar Aid team to lend a hand to their ‘Tanzanian Project’, ‘[which] creates jobs for the poorest people in Tanzania, and brings solar power to local communities and school children.’
For more information on please visit:
Rotary Club
Thanks to all the generous donations that helped to raise £610 for the East Kenyan community of Malindi. Please see the page Rotary Club of Abingdon for more info.

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