Luke arrives

24 Jun

I haven’t written a blog entry for over 2 weeks. The same 2 weeks my brother came out to join the ride. We’ll never know exactly what happened in those 2 weeks, but we can piece together a few vagaries and monkeyshines to get a general gist.

Vodka, energy drinks, busted lips and blackouts were recurring themes. And mid-day starts, running high and low for capital bars, fast food and Sean Paul.

Belgrade had been hyped up by travellers and Balkanites as the 24 hour party city. The best food, best nightlife, friendliest people, in all Europe. So we headed out to look for this Belgrade.

In one place late at night, we danced the 1-2-3-4 holding-hands-round-and-round Serbian folk dance with old Serbian folk and drank beers for 60p. In another, we danced the 1-2-3-4 back-and-forth salsa dance with young Serbian folk and drank beers for £2.50. We ate at the finest restaurants, had drinks in the most hidden bars and explored exhibitions and the city’s history. But the buildings of Belgrade loom over the Bohemian quarter and the city on that weekend was a lemon, too sparse and spasmodic, to live up to all the hype.

So we started off on our journey to Budapest. It would take us around 6 days to get there. But we didn’t ride from Belgrade to Budapest, we crawled.


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