5 May

After 3 nights in Tirana we left late for Kruje and took a wrong turning. Axelle decided to take a lift back in Tirana centre and go ahead to Kruje, and in fact got a free lift almost immediately. I had a decent ride, and then a challenging end to the day up to impressive Kruje castle. By the time I got to the top I was sweat-drenched and blurry eyed. Then just behind me I saw Axelle. Or heard her. waving a cigarrette, post pizza and halfway through a beer. Just before I could remember all those French curses I had learnt she pulled me into the restaurant at the top just beside the castle and got me some beer and pizza.

We found an incredible wild camping spot right under Skanderberg’s Castle’s rear. Carrying the bikes and bags up to it, and squeezing over a fence and under a rocky outcrop was just difficult enough for us to be confident that our stuff was safe, and we trudged into town to watch United lose to City in a massive derby. Beautiful town, though. Full of war relics and hand made souvenirs. The castle grounds are amazing. The next morning we checked out the ethnographical museum which was, as I’m sure you can imagine, completely captivating (no, sorry, actually, it’s really good).


One Response to “Kruje”

  1. Michel May 9, 2012 at 7:55 pm #

    Hey Jack,

    Nice to see your still rollin. I hope the Koga is strong enough to bring you to Holland. Are you gonna take the ferry to Italy or whats your plan so close to the coast? As I can see on the pics you are having a big time. Keep on rollin rollin rollin….see you in Holland.

    Mitch from Nungwi

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