Karonga to Chitimba

15 Jan

Moonwalked the f*** out of Karonga at 11:30am. Firstly I had some trouble withdrawing money and sent a vague ‘help me’ text to Dad. Then mysteriously I was able to withdraw cash. With my parents suitably panicked and unable to contact me, I had to move on. Just over 100km to Livingstonia to go with little hope of finding a SIM card or internet access.

Malawi is twice the price of Tanzania, with way less than half of the conveniences. In little ‘Duka’ stores I could rarely find water and was lucky to find one bottle of pop to buy in every 5 villages.

The landscape, again, is stunning. Mist and clouds split mountain ranges, which rise in clusters over flat plains split by rocky rivers. There’s an almost deliberately drama about the place. A dark indigo thunder and lightning storm gradually gained on me from the West as I cycled towards clear skies. By 1.30pm Malawians are waving me into their huts to shelter. I decide to carry on. By 2pm a motherload of thunder and rain drives me sideways for half an hour and I turn East to ride down what was a mud path, but now is a matrix of streams, to find lunch.

Soaked and shivering, in a place with no electricity, I demand hot coffee and fish and chips, fast. They light a fire in a shelter and within an hour both the weather and I are warm and dry again.Q

One ltr of water, sweet buns and caffeine rich energy sweets (that Mitch gave me) keep me going. At my destination I take a left when I see a sign for Wifi, hoping to contact my parents. At this fairly awesome Dutch run beachside campsite the electricity holds out just long enough for me to shower and join the owners for a pepper-steak and potatoes. No electricity, no Wifi. Sorry Mum and Dad. Don’t panic. Everything’s fine.


One Response to “Karonga to Chitimba”

  1. huyenchip January 15, 2012 at 10:20 pm #

    Hope that your parents read this post 🙂
    Keep going on, mate. I’m watching ya.

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