Ukunda and Diani

14 Dec

I rearranged my tent to A) face the sea breeze and B) watch my bike. I’ve grown suspicious here. A couple of pimps came to visit a local girl who’s been staying with a French guy and they took interest in the bike. I made sure they thought I was hanging around for a few more days. Also, and call me paranoid if you will, I watched as a guy stored a pair of bolt-cutters behind the bogs.

Security was on guard all night and I felt safe enough but glad to be leaving. I backtracked 3 miles in the cool(er) early morning and got back on the road to Tanzania.

Distracted by a bloody fight on the way out of Ukunda, I missed my opportunity to moonwalk the f*** out of there*

After an hour I stopped for a mango (15bob) with these lot:

I hit the countryside, open plains and shambas (hamlets). Excited children and surly, mean looking men greet me with smiles and ‘jambo sana’s alike.

After about 30 miles I take a left onto a 10 mile dirt road to Shimoni, stopping halfway for 3 bananas (10bob). After slip-sliding my way to the small coastal village I grab a boat to Wasini island.

There’s a strong sea breeze blowing into (and threatening to blow away) my tent. Very excited about that. I have 7 cups of sweet tea before a massive fish, veg and rice lunch.

This area is very muslim (moslem?) and everyone seems relaxed and kind, when not trying to fleece the mzungu. I keep being told ‘hakuna matata’ and ‘pole pole’ (slowly slowly).

*Welcome to the concept of moonwalking the f*** out of a place you don’t want to be in. Invented in Barcelona. Practise your moonwalk before you try it. You don’t want to look like an idiot.


One Response to “Ukunda and Diani”

  1. Shem spiess December 15, 2011 at 12:07 pm #

    As for our short stay at the campsite, it was fun and you empowered me to take the same ride in africa. I will make sure i take down the trip from kenya,tanzania,uganda,congo,rwanda and burundi just for solar aid.
    Take care jack.

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