Day two

4 Dec

Day two

The three of us woke up at 2pm, bought a juice and headed to Nyali beach to meet a couple of Phil’s friends – Jared and Ilea Angaza. They are a very cool couple who live in a flat right on the beach, they suffer for it though as one of Mombasa’s biggest/loudest nightclubs is also bang on their doorstep. On the plus side they can ride a camel decorated in tinsel any time they want, as they march up and down the beach. Jarrad is an original and engaging American but more importantly in this case, Jarrad knows bikes. He set up an annual race in Rwanda called ‘Project Rwanda‘, and he’s close friends with a guy called Tom Ritchey who, along with Gary Fisher, invented mountain biking. Pioneered mountain biking. Tweaked road bikes so they can handle mountains. Invented the bloody thing. Tomorrow I’ll ride the bike back over to Nyali beach as Jared kindly offered to give me a quick repairs and maintenance rundown before heading out into the bush.

Check out Jared and Ilea’s African jewellery company Keza


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