It’s getting there.

24 Nov

By this time next week, I’ll  no doubt be sipping on a whiskey mac, delighting in the supreme service of Turkish Airlines.

Either that or I’ll be cramped up in a Ryanair reject. But I couldn’t care less either way, because in a mere 22 hours or so I’ll be disembarking in the port town of Mombasa, Kenya. With my bike in a box.

Bike tour planning is enjoyable, but expensive. I’ve got some great gadgets, and their collective cost is responsible, for the most part, for my meager budget of below £15 a day. And I’m pretty sure all of that is going on water. And sun cream. And chamoil for my sore bum (thanks for the tip Gran).

Yes, Africa is looking expensive. I think I’ll need closer to £30 a day. However, I now have a TEFL up my sleeve and I can stop and teach for a bit if it looks like I’m running dry.

The family and friends are collectively bricking it on my behalf. Africa has one hell of a reputation for nastiness. I have been given all sorts of contradicting advice by people who have lived there and know the place. I’m meeting a man called Martin for the second time tonight, and he has been a refreshing source of inspiration and excitement. I’m insisting that Mum comes along and hopefully Martin can help calm her nerves a tad.


One Response to “It’s getting there.”

  1. Tracey Mum Morris November 28, 2011 at 2:36 pm #

    Nerves still not calm but you know I wish you all the best during your adventure, I just wish I was brave enough to go with you and protect you from any possible harm…….. cos that’s what mums do……. but, on a very positive note, I know you are going to be careful and you have a good head on your shoulders (I can take some of the credit for that)!! and I hope you meet some interesting people and have an amazing experience.
    You must always let me know that you are safe as often as possible.
    I love you.

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